The Morris Men of Little Egypt

from Glemsford in Suffolk

Dedicated to the ancient and venerable English art of dancing the Morris

More than 26 Years of Fun in Suffolk

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Latest updates : 10 June 2019

I know, I know, I'm all behind, but here, at last, is the start of an update, including:

The 2019 Dancing Season

And, with luck, there'll be more to come.

Sheringham Lobster Potty Festival - including a World Record

Witham Medieval Fair - (they call it "Fayre", but that's silly)

Hawkedon Queen's - greeting the Solstice

The Angel: a dance at Home

Adjustments to Little Egypt's programme, 2018

Dancing the rural dream Geldeston: 6 May 2018

Dancing the Dawn May Day 2018

A Wedding Little Egypt lend a hand

Sinjorj's Day Little Egypt start 2018 in style

A Calendar of Little Egypt's programme, 2018

And More History: another article in "Mardles" - 1997 - Oily Smuts and all

More History: an article in "Mardles" 1999

The First 2018 posting - looking back at Boxing Day 2017

Another Tradition Maintained: Boxing Day 2017 - updated

At last, a Memoir: the memories of a Glemsford Morris Man

Morris Sound and Vision - from the Archives

Why are we "Little Egypt"? A chance to discuss and learn.

Little Egypt on Tour:
France June 2006: the full story

and the Return Visit, 2008

Bed and Breakfast

Domaine de St George, Limoux
- where Little Egypt stayed -


The Angel Inn

A Real Pub Serving Real People

The Angel's original pages can still be reached through this link.


Another Glemsford site ( contains vital information about:

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